Home Occupation

A home occupation shall comply with the following standards.

The home occupation shall be clearly incidental and secondary to the residential use of the building and shall be confined to no more than 25% of the total floor area of the dwelling, or 500 square feet, whichever is less.

Specialized Services
No specialized service, such as, but not limited to, dance instruction, crafts, or music lessons may be provided for a group larger than five persons. No goods, products, or commodities bought for the express purpose of resale shall be sold at retail or wholesale on the premises; homemade items, foodstuffs, and crafts made in the home may be offered for sale on the premises in the RA Rural Agriculture and RR Rural Residential districts only.

Enclosed Building
A home occupation shall be conducted within the principal dwelling or an enclosed accessory structure, and shall not be conducted within any open porch that is attached to and part of the principal structure.

Essential Character
The home occupation shall not change the essential residential character of the use.

Immediate Family
A home occupation use shall be conducted by a member of the immediate family residing in the dwelling unit.

Only members of the immediate family residing in the dwelling unit may be employed to work for the home occupation.

No External Evidence

No external evidence or sign shall advertise, display, or otherwise indicate the presence of the home occupation, nor shall the street address of the home occupation be advertised through signs, billboards, television, radio, or newspapers.

A home occupation shall not involve the sale of any stock in trade, supplies, products, or services on the premises.

No Displays
No equipment or materials used in the home occupation shall be stored or displayed outside of the dwelling.

Only one vehicle used in connection with the home occupation shall be stored on the premises. The vehicle shall not be a truck, such as a dump truck, a fuel oil delivery truck, or a wrecker, and no advertising or reference to the home occupation shall be displayed on the vehicle in any manner.

Mechanical, Electrical, or Other Equipment
No home occupation shall involve the use of any mechanical, electrical, or other equipment, materials, or items which produce noise, electrical or magnetic interference, vibration, heat, glare, smoke, dust, odor, or other nuisance outside the residential building. There shall be no storage of hazardous or noxious materials on the site of the home occupation.

House Numbers
The proper display of address numbers for a building is as follows:
  • Numbers shall be easily seen from the street.
  • Numbers shall be of contrasting color with their background.
  • Numbers shall be block Arabic numerals, not script, written, or decorative.
  • Residential numbers shall be a minimum of 4 inches high and a minimum of 0.5 inches wide.
  • If view of a house is obstructed, or if the distance from the road is too great, house numbers shall be on a sign attached to a fence, gate, or lawn stake (30-inch height limit).
  • House numbers on corner lots shall face the street named in the address.
  • The house number shall be on the mailbox in addition to the house. If the mailbox is on a different street than the house address, the mailbox shall display the entire street address (street name and number).
  • House numbers shall be illuminated or easily visible at night.
  • House numbers shall be located on each electrical meter and main disconnect except where installed to serve a 1 or 2 family dwelling. The numbers shall be a minimum of 3 inches in height and of contrasting color with the background.