High-Speed Fiber

Our Take on High-Speed Fiber

The Town of Apex is in support of and very aware that quality of life and future economic development is becoming increasingly dependent upon the speed of networks that our citizens and businesses can access.

Gigabit-enabled networks are slowly being devised in and around Apex. Providers are currently upgrading equipment and running fiber through the front lawns of our citizens' homes. We expect to continue to see the speeds increase with most all of our current providers, and more plan choices will likely bring more affordable options. 

The Town of Apex is engaged with all known Internet Service Providers in the area that are able to deliver FTTH (fiber to the home) capabilities of faster internet speeds at competitive prices. We will keep you posted to what all providers share with us and any upcoming opportunities available. 

Who are the Providers?

Residential Service: AT&T is working in newer Apex subdivisions to install infrastructure for their GigaPower residential high-speed product. Also in older subdivisions, they are overhauling infrastructure to provide the same service. Their timeline is unknown to us.
Business Customers: AT&T currently provides Apex businesses with higher speeds. 

Google Fiber
Residential ServiceGoogle Fiber is currently working in several Triangle towns (see list below) to build a gig-speed network. Apex is not included in the current plan for Google, simply due to our geographic location. Although our demographic matches up with their desired customer base, we're located just outside of their planned fiber ring. 
Business Service: Google Fiber does not offer business service.

The timeline below, starting in 2014, outlines our recent history involving high-speed internet.

  1. 1/27/2015 Update
  2. 5/22/2014 Update
  3. 3/10/2014 Update
  4. 2/24/2014
Google announced at a press conference on January 27, 2015 that the following Triangle cities had been selected as the next Google Fiber cities:
  • Carrboro
  • Cary
  • Chapel Hill
  • Durham
  • Garner
  • Morrisville
  • Raleigh
Apex, along with many other Triangle cities, were not included in this announcement.

Even though Apex was not included, Council and staff remain committed to doing everything possible to engage Google and other providers to provide high-speed internet to our town.