Road & Sidewalk Projects

Any questions regarding current and / or past transportation projects should be referred to Adam Stephenson via email or phone at (919) 249-3417.

NOTE: the following list includes state and municipal projects, but does not include projects associated with private development.

Kelly Road / Olive Chapel Road Operational Improvements (U-5118 AF)

Kelly Rd Map 
  • Lead Agency: Town of Apex
  • Estimated Project Cost:  $750,000 (includes federal participation)
  • Status:  Construction in progress
  • Estimated Completion:  June 2017 
    NOTE: This project was originally scheduled for completion at the end of 2016. Progress has been delayed by third-party utilities, who are required to move their lines out of the new travel lanes before they can be constructed.
  • Proposed Pavement Markings 
Adding turn lanes at the intersection of Kelly Road at Olive Chapel Road and extending sidewalk along the west side of Kelly Road from Evening Star Drive to Olive Chapel Road. Check out our interactive map for a before and after view of this intersection.

Apex Peakway Southwest Connector

  • Lead Agency: Town of Apex
  • Status: Design in progress
  • Estimated completion:  2019

The Apex Peakway is planned to serve as a loop around the Town of Apex. The Southwest Connector project would complete a missing gap in the loop at South Salem Street by constructing a bridge over South Salem Street and the CSX railroad tracks. The project would require the permanent closure of the existing at-grade railroad crossing along Tingen Road, east of the project location.

Project Updates

Traffic Noise Report (February 2017)
In February 2017, the North Carolina Department of Transportation approved the Traffic Noise Report completed for the Apex Peakway Southwest Connector project. Traffic noise impacts and temporary construction noise impacts can be a consequence of transportation projects. The Traffic Noise Report utilized computer models created with the latest Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA’s) Traffic Noise Model software to predict noise levels and define impacted receptors (locations) along the proposed new roadway project. Five impacted residential receptors were identified. Noise abatement for each impacted receptor was found to be either not reasonable or not feasible. Please review the report for detailed information.

Neighborhood Meetings (February-March 2017)
In response to comments received at a public open house in December of 2016, the Town hosted additional meetings for those neighborhoods adjacent to the project, including: Shangri-La Mobile Home Park (February 20, 2017), Whitehall Manor (March 6, 2017), and Salem Village (March 14, 2017). During the meetings the project team reviewed the preliminary design of the Apex Peakway Southwest Connector project, discussed comments and responses received during the open house held in December, and offered an opportunity for attendees to ask any additional questions. 

View the presentation delivered at the neighborhood meetings

Public Open House (December 2016)
A public open house for the preliminary design was held on December 15, 2016. Materials from the open house are available below:

Evans Road Sidewalk

  • Lead Agency:  Town of Apex
  • Estimated Project Cost:  $400,000
  • Status:  Construction complete
  • Vicinity Map (not the final drawings)
Sidewalk extended from Milano Avenue to Humie Olive Road (Apex Friendship High School/future Middle School).

Lake Pine Drive Improvements (U-5537)

  • Lead Agency: Town of Apex
  • Estimated Project Cost:  $2,100,000 (includes federal & Town of Cary participation)
  • Status:  Right of way acquisition pending
  • Estimated Completion:  Fall 2018
  • Project Map (PDF)
Planning, design, and right of way acquisition to allow future expansion of Lake Pine Drive to a three-lane roadway with bicycle and pedestrian facilities at Apex Community Park. 

NC 540 Southeast Extension

The proposed "Complete 540" project, also known as the Southeast Extension, would extend the Triangle Expressway from the NC 55 Bypass in Apex to the US 64/US 264 Bypass in Knightdale, completing the 540 Outer Loop around the greater Raleigh area.

  • Project website:
  • Project Hotline: (800) 554-7849
  • Anticipated Start of Construction: 2020

NC 55 Operational Improvements (U-5118 AE)

Adding turn lanes on Apex Peakway approaching NC 55 and Olive Chapel Road.

NC 55 (Williams Street) Widening (U-2901)

Widen NC 55 (Williams Street) from US 1 to Olive Chapel Road to a multilane curb and gutter facility.

  • Lead Agency: NCDOT
  • Project contacts:
    • Zahid Baloch, NCDOT Division 5, (919) 707-5012, Candice Andre, VHB, (919) 741-5346
    • Anticipated Start of Construction: 2022

Project Updates:

Public Open House (May 9, 2017)

The N.C. Department of Transportation will hold a public meeting regarding the proposed widening of N.C. 55 (Williams St.) from U.S. 1 to north of Olive Chapel Road (S.R. 1160) to a multi-lane curb and gutter roadway in Apex. The meeting will take place on Tuesday, May 9, 2017 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Apex Town Hall – 3rd Floor Training Room A&B, located at 73 Hunter Street in Apex.

NC 55 Bypass/NC 55 (East Williams Street) Intersection Improvements (U-5749)

Improve the intersection of NC 55 (East Williams Street) and the NC 55 Bypass.

  • Lead Agency: NCDOT
  • Project Contact: Chad Hinnant, NCDOT District Office, (919) 733-9499
  • Anticipated Start of Construction: 2017

East Williams Street Sidewalk (EB-5895)

Construct sidewalk along East Williams Street from Sunset Lake Road to NC 55.

  • Lead Agency: NCDOT
  • Project Contact: TBD, contact Shannon Cox, or (919) 249-3505
  • Anticipated Start of Construction: 2019

US 64 Corridor Upgrades and Improvements (U-5301)


Upgrade the US 64 corridor from Laura Duncan Road in Apex to US 1 in Cary.  It is anticipated that the project will upgrade the at-grade intersection at Lake Pine Drive to an interchange and the at-grade intersection at Laura Duncan Road to an interchange.

  • Lead Agency: NCDOT
  • Project Contact: John Conforti, NCDOT Project Development, (919) 707-6015
  • Anticipated Start of Construction: 2022-2024 

Apex Barbecue Road Bridge (B-5161)

Replace bridge 910362 over Beaver Creek.

  • Lead Agency: NCDOT
  • Project Contact: Tatia White, (919) 707-6342
  • Anticipated Start of Construction: Winter 2018 / 2019

Ten-Ten Road Widening (U-5825)

Widen to multi-lanes from the Apex Peakway in Apex to Kildaire Farm Road in Cary.

  • Lead Agency: NCDOT
  • Project Contact:
    • Zahid Baloch, NCDOT Division 5, (919) 707-5012
    • Lauren Triebert, VHB, (919) 741-5524
    • Anticipated Start of Construction: Reliance Ave to Kildaire Farm Rd (2022), Apex Peakway to Reliance Ave (2024)

James Street to Downtown Apex Pedestrian Improvements

Complete construction of sidewalk along Markham Street, James Street, Wrenn Street, and N Salem Street. Upgrade ramps at Hunter Street and N Salem Street, Culvert Street and N Mason Street, E Chatham Street and N Mason Street, E Chatham Street and N Hughes Street, Olive Street and N Hughes Street, E Moore Street and N Hughes Street, and E Moore Street and S Ellington Street. Install push-button pedestrian signal across Center Street at N Salem Street. Add a high-visibility crosswalk with median refuge and signs across Salem Street in the vicinity of Thompson Street. Install push-button pedestrian signals for all approaches at the intersection of N Salem Street and Chatham Street. Install Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon for existing high-visibility crossing of N Salem Street at Saunders Street.