North Carolina Green Power


North Carolina (NC) Green Power is an independent, nonprofit organization established to improve North Carolina’s environment through voluntary contributions toward renewable energy. A landmark initiative approved by the NC Utilities Commission, NC Green Power is the first statewide green energy program in the nation administered independently by a nonprofit organization and supported by all of the state’s utilities.


Your support will help add more renewable energy to the power supply in our state. Download the NC Green Power Program Agreement Form (PDF) and return to Town Hall at 73 Hunter Street (PO Box 250), Apex, NC 27502.

Reasons to Sign Up

  • You can make a difference. It is in your power to impact the future of our children by improving the quality of life and air quality.
  • It’s easy. Supporting NC Green Power is an effective way to advance the availability of renewable energy resources in our state. Most of us want to do something to help, but our limited resources and time make it difficult to act. NC GreenPower provides us the opportunity to support cleaner energy sources.
  • It’s affordable and tax-deductible. For as little as $4 a month, you can help protect our environment. Your monthly tax-deductible contribution will add green energy to North Carolina ’s power supply. Over a year, that’s the equivalent of not driving a car 74 days or of planting 150 full-grown trees.
  • It’s cleaner and environmentally sustainable. With green energy sources such as wind, solar and organic matter we can generate cleaner electricity. It’s a great way to keep us all healthier.
  • It’s smart. Traditional energy sources like fossil fuels are nonrenewable and inevitably will run out. Working today to build up our supply of renewable energy sources will give us a more secure energy future.