Salem Streetscape & Saunders Gathering Space

Salem Street is the heart of Downtown Apex. The streetscape investment aims to expand space for people to safely enjoy the shops and restaurants. This project will enhance not just the physical walkability of the core but also the economic vitality of the entire town. As part of the streetscape project, the corner of Salem Street at Saunders Street will be converted to a gathering space, tying together the pedestrian-oriented elements of the Salem Streetscape and Commerce Street improvements. 

Adopted Design Highlights:

Final design is still in progress and construction is subject to budget prioritization and property acquisition.

Salem Street Features

  • Curbless design prioritizes flexibility and accessibility. It includes a continuous drain along each side, pavers for the street surface and pedestrian realm, bollards, street trees, street furniture, decorative streetlights, and catenary lighting with control of color and effects for events.
  • Ten (10) parking spaces are retained out of the total of 30 existing, keeping some of the parking convenience and activity on-street along with providing an inviting and highly functional pedestrian-oriented streetscape.
  • New features include an enhanced pedestrian crossing at Chatham Street with a speed table, upgraded pedestrian crosswalks and ramps, and extended curb to shorten the crossing distance. The pedestrian crossing at Saunders Street also includes a speed table along with upgraded ramps and crosswalk.

Saunders Gathering Space Features

  • Features include furniture, games, and a pergola with catenary lighting.
  • At the corner of Commerce Street, two parking spaces are retained out of the total of six existing spaces.
  • An informational kiosk and the existing lending library will be incorporated into the space.

Anticipated Timeline (Status 01/02/24):

  • Final Design in progress
  • Property acquisition 2023-2024
  • Construction 2025-2026

Design Concepts

The images below are conceptual drawings, depicting how Salem Street could look after project implementation.

Salem Streetscape

Salem Streetscape web

Salem Street on a 'typical' day

Salem Street normal day

Salem Street on an event day, with bollards in place to temporarily close the street to vehicles:

Salem Street bollards

An interior view of Salem Street:

Salem Street interior view

Information about the soil cell system proposed to encourage tree growth and capture stormwater:

Salem Street soil cells