NCDOT Projects

Dates provided for the anticipated start of construction for each NCDOT project are based on the State Transportation Improvement Program. This 10-year program of funding is updated approximately every two years.

Apex Peakway at Old Raleigh Road (SM-57050)

This project includes construction of a northbound right turn lane on Apex Peakway at the intersection with Old Raleigh Road.

Current Status (November 2023):  

  • Work is substantially complete.

US 64 at NC 751 Convert At-grade Intersection to Interchange (R-5887)

This project includes construction of an interchange bridging NC 751 over US 64.

Current Schedule:

  • Right of way - 2027
  • Construction - 2029

NC 55/East Williams Street/Technology Drive Intersection Improvements (HL-0007)

This project proposes to convert the intersection of NC 55 with Technology Drive and East Williams Street to a Reduced Conflict Intersection (RCI), also commonly referred to as a superstreet, and restrict access along sections of East Williams Street.  The project also proposes widening of NC 55 to Sunset Lake Road and construction of pedestrian facilities along both sides of the corridor.

Current Schedule: 

  • Right of way - Winter 2023 to Winter 2024
  • Begin Construction - Summer 2025

NC 55 (Williams Street) Widening (U-2901B) & CSX RR Bridge Replacement (U-2901BA)

Widen NC 55 (Williams Street) from US 1 to Olive Chapel Road to a multilane curb and gutter facility.

  • Lead Agency: NCDOT
  • Project contacts: John Braxton, NCDOT Division 5, (919) 707-6219
  • Anticipated Start of Construction: 2031

Current Schedule:  

  • Right of way - 2027 (Bridge Replacement) & 2028 (Road Widening)
  • Construction - 2029 (Bridge Replacement) & 2031 (Road Widening)

Public Open House (August 30, 2018)

The N.C. Department of Transportation (NCDOT) held a public open house regarding the proposed improvements to NC 55 in Apex, NC between US 1 and Olive Chapel Road. The purpose of this meeting was to present the latest project information and proposed roadway design, gain community input, and answer questions regarding the proposed project.

Questions or comments should be directed to Zahid Baloch, NCDOT, (919) 707-6012. More information including project maps and documents are available online at:Public Meetings.

Public Open House (May 9, 2017)

The N.C. Department of Transportation held a public meeting regarding the proposed widening of N.C. 55 (Williams St.) from U.S. 1 to north of Olive Chapel Road (S.R. 1160) to a multi-lane curb and gutter roadway in Apex. See the meeting materials below.

NC 540 Southeast Extension

The proposed "Complete 540" project, also known as the Southeast Extension, would extend the Triangle Expressway from the NC 55 Bypass in Apex to the US 64/US 264 Bypass in Knightdale, completing the 540 Outer Loop around the greater Raleigh area.

Current Status (2/8/24):

  • R-2721, R-2828 (NC 55 to I-40) - Anticipated construction completion in Spring/Summer 2024
  • R-2829 (I-40 to US64) - First of two design/build contracts executed in September 2023 with Flatiron/Fred Smith Company Joint Venture.  Second design/build contract to be awarded and signed later this year.  

Construction Schedule:

  • Anticipated Start of Construction: Spring 2024
  • Anticipated Completion:  2028

US 64 Corridor Upgrades and Improvements (U-5301)

Upgrade the US 64 corridor from Laura Duncan Road in Apex to US 1 in Cary. It is anticipated that the project will upgrade the at-grade intersection at Lake Pine Drive to an interchange and the at-grade intersection at Laura Duncan Road to an interchange. More information is available online at: Apex Cary

Current Schedule: 

  • Right of way - 2027
  • Construction - 2030

Ten-Ten Road Widening (U-5825)

Widen to multi-lanes from the Apex Peakway in Apex to Kildaire Farm Road in Cary.

Current Status: 

This project is on hold and unfunded in the 10-year State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).  Construction is not intended until post-2033 unless a funding source is identified in future years.

Public Meetings (Held October 23, 2018 and March 1, 2018)

The NCDOT held an open house for the proposed widening of Ten Ten Road from Apex Peakway to Kildaire Farm Road. Maps of the proposed alternative were displayed and project team members were available to discuss the project, answer questions, and provide feedback. Maps are available online on the NCDOT Public Meetings Website: Public Meetings