CSX Railroad

CSX Transportation is a Class 1 freight railroad company that operates in the Eastern United States. The railroad makes several trips per day through Apex.

Rail Safety

CSX reports that all trains are operated according to applicable regulations, including the movement and handling of rail cars containing hazardous materials. Track is inspected regularly, according to federal regulations and internal policies, to ensure its safe for rail traffic. Advanced risk assessment technology is used each year to determine the shortest and safest route to transport goods categorized as hazardous. CSX also offers specific rail hazardous materials training to law enforcement and first responders. 

Do your part to be rail safe:

  • Avoid walking along tracks. Due to their unique shape and size, train speeds are difficult to determine, and people often underestimate the speed of an approaching train. The average freight train traveling 55 miles per hour could take over one mile to stop.
  • Stay clear of crossings in your vehicle. Never idle over the tracks while in traffic, or at a stoplight. When you see rail crossing arms begin to lower, stop immediately.
  • Report your concern. Any issue or incident on or near CSX tracks that risks the safety of any person should be reported immediately to their Public Safety Coordination Center at (800) 232-0144.

Train Schedule

Freight schedules can be unpredictable. The Town of Apex has no input on the schedule of trains coming through, or idling, in town. Contact CSX with your concerns regarding train schedules or other operational concerns here.