Residential Solar Net Metering Explanation

Residential Solar Net Metering Explanation

We start the kWh value on the electric meter at 50000, because the billing system cannot handle going past zero.  This initial value will move up and down.

The value will count up such as going from 50000 to 50001 as power is being purchased from the Utility.   The arrow representing the disc on the display would be pointing to the right.

The same value will count down such as going from 50000 to 49999 as power generated from the solar and is being purchased by the Utility.   The arrow representing the meter disc on the display would be pointing to the left.

Power that is generated from the solar system and consumed by the customer will not be registered by the meter.

We will read the meter at the end of the billing cycle. The reading from the beginning of the cycle will be subtracted from the reading at the end of the month which will result in a “Net” consumption value.

The Town of Apex will not be able to inform the customer what is “delivered” or “received”, but will provide a “Net” consumption value on the bill.   To get an estimate on how the system is performing, the customer can compare the consumption value for that month with the same month of the prior year history.

Everyone needs to be aware that the months of January and February have shorter days with a lot of cloud cover.  It would not be unusual to have much higher utility bills than expected due do loss of solar production.

Duke Metering

Duke Energy customers who generate electricity from their own renewable facility may be eligible to offset their retail bill through "Net Metering," though at a different rate than Town of Apex customers. Through this arrangement you can use the electricity you generate while receiving service from Duke Energy. The nameplate capacity of your generating facility cannot exceed the lesser of your estimated maximum annual kilowatt demand or 20 kW for residential or 1,000 kW for non-residential.

Customers who wish to offset their bill with renewable energy must participate on Duke Energy’s Net Metering Rider which accompanies a standard retail rate. The Rider NM is available in conjunction with the Duke Energy residential and general service schedules to a customer under certain conditions. To learn more, please visit the following webpage: Duke Energy Net Metering