Heike Lindner & Brook Ramsey

Show Runs: September 20 - November 22

Reception: Friday, November 19, 6pm-8pm

Heike Lindner: Shortly before my 50th birthday, I challenged myself to draw one portrait a day. My goal was to see where I would be in a year or two. First, I drew everybody in my family, then I started drawing people of interest. Some of my early drawings turned out well, some were works in progress. Still, I was passionate to continue my artistic journey. Watercolors, my first medium, offered unpredictability and experimentation with layers and layers. I love the lightness and tones of them. Painting with coffee, my next venture, offered a monochromatic beauty that also intrigues me. Recently I started working with acrylics. Colors are bolder, more vibrant. Whether I work in acrylics or watercolors, I always focus on portraits

Brook Ramsey: My art focuses on following one’s dreams and finding beauty in our struggles. I am truly grateful for every experience I have had in my life, especially the harder times, because they have had the most profound impact on me. It seems to be through the most turbulent points in our life we learn to find peace. Through the scarcest times, we learn truly how abundant life is. Through our weaknesses, we find great strengths. It is the human condition to adapt and create what we need for ourselves when it is lacking from our own environment. It is our own initiative and devotion to dedicate ourselves to apply that to find out how each of us, in our own way, can make the world a better place than when we entered it. The focus of my art is to serve that purpose.
 Symbolism in my work is used to share the messages I find most meaningful. The flying fish represent freedom to be different and follow a new path. The figures merging with the environment is to bring light to our connection to everything around us, as well as aligning with our life purpose. Transitions between portrait, nature, and surreal elements show how everything in life transforms into something new. For instance our experience of loss shifts into emotional growth and paves way for new and beautiful things to enter our lives. This is to also reflect that all here is temporary and there is much more beyond this.

by Heike Lindner


by Brook Ramsey

Through the River In the Forest