Does your kid love to tinker and create new things, or are they the kind of learner who likes to break things apart to see what's inside? This program gives your student the tools they need to understand mechanical movement and the importance of simple machines. They will use the models to develop new design ideas and test out physics concepts. This program is sure to spark kids engineering interests! 

  • Ages: 6-14 yrs. 
  • Fees: $135(R) / $150(NR) (6 classes) 
  • #12096 Mon Feb 6 - Mar 13 4:30pm-6pm 
  • #12097 Thu Apr 13 - May 18 4:30pm-6pm 


Allow your child to cultivate their love of science and experience different domains of science & nature. Students will engage in concepts from astronomy, earth science, biology, chemistry and physics using LEGO bricks and other interactive learning tools. We make science FUN! 

  • Ages: 6-14 yrs. 
  • Fees: $135(R) / $150(NR) (6 classes) 
  • #12152 Thu Mar 2 - Apr 6 4:30pm-6pm 


Create amazing movies with stop motion animation using LEGO bricks. Children will work in teams to produce their very own movie complete with dialogue and sound effects. Movies are uploaded to a secure site for family and friends to see how cool they are! Participants should bring a lunch and bottle of water. 

  • Ages: 7-14 yrs. 
  • Fees: $175(R) / $190(NR) (4 classes) 
  • #12153 Mon-Thu Apr 3 - Apr 6 9:30am-2:30pm 


Do you think you can build the strongest and most agile robot? Can your robot win a head-to-head combat mission? Come learn engineering strategies for building sturdy structures using LEGO bricks and then apply that knowledge to build a robot for friendly competition. You'll have a blast as you play robot football and complete the hoop challenge in this fun robotics program. 

  • Ages: 7-14 yrs. 
  • Fees: $135(R) / $150(NR) (5 classes)  
  • #12095 Mon Apr 17 - May 15 4:30pm-6pm 

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