Adult (18+) Programs


Zumba is a dance exercise class with great benefits such as weight loss, total body toning, improved coordination, heart rate booster, and produces an overall happy, positive outlook. Participants should bring a water bottle & towel and wear work out gear and tennis shoes. No experience necessary. All are welcome. 

  • Location: Seagroves Farm Park 
  • Ages: 18+ yrs. 
  • Instructor: Maria Luoni 
  • Fees: $33.50(R) / $48.50(NR) (4 classes) 
  • #9870 Tue May 4 - May 25 6:15pm-7:15pm 
  • #9871 Tue Jun 1 - Jun 22 6:15pm-7:15pm 
  • #9872 Tue Jul 6 -Jul 27 6:15pm-7:15pm 
  • #9873 Tue Aug 3 - Aug 24 6:15pm-7:15pm 


In this creative class you will enter an open and supportive atmosphere of learning about painting a MIXED MEDIA work (on canvas using acrylics, medium, ink/art pencils/pens/other). While class is hosted in a gorgeous, 100+ yr. old, historic gem of-a-building should add to your experience, this unique class is designed to give you a well-rounded knowledge of the mixed media and its never ending flexibility as an expressive art form. Your teacher will show you how to tap into the resources of your abundant imagination and visually “translate” your thoughts and feelings using creative tools and very fun “tricks of the trade”, and so, a few painting techniques will be covered. Moreover, to up your fun and wander around the process of creating your own painting, your teacher has designed a “subject matter” lottery and also a “found object” lottery (objects that could be utilized in your artwork). Best learning is aided by humor! Students of all skills are welcomed.

  • Instructor: Eve Hayes 
  • Ages: 18+ yrs. 
  • Fees: $195*(R) / $210*(NR) (5 classes) 
  • *$28 supply fee due to instructor at first class (in addition to class fee) 
  • #9925 Thu Jul 1 - Jul 29 6pm-8:30pm


Within this art class, under a roof of a stunning 100+ yr. old historic building, right in the heart of Apex, you will explore the expressive powers of acrylic painting and learn the top modern “how to” techniques. Any of your skill level and confidence level will apply, as the atmosphere of this class will emphasize openness to all ideas and all learning. From freely meaningful brushstrokes to an inspired composition on your canvas, you will discover methods that will put you at ease while painting expressively, no matter what your subject matter. You will gain rich insights, embrace your own special talents - the secret to tapping into all your creative SELF. Positively, you will walk away with a fun work of art that is entirely and uniquely yours. Students of all skills are welcome. 

  • Instructor: Eve Hayes 
  • Ages: 18+ yrs. 
  • Fees: $195*(R) / $210*(NR) (5 classes) 
  • *$25 supply fee due to instructor at first class (in addition to class fee) 
  • #9926 Thu Aug 5 - Sep 2 6pm-8:30pm