Funding for Non-Profit Agencies

Each year, the Town of Apex invites program funding requests, from non-profit providers (outside agencies) that support the delivery of vital community services. To be efficient and fair, we follow a set of processes and general guidelines.

Program Grant Guidelines: 

Nonprofit agencies must nonprofit status, a volunteer board of directors, and must provide to the town appropriate accounting measures, in compliance with the Local Government Budget and Fiscal Control Act, to insure accountability.

The programs or services provided by the nonprofit organization should fulfill one or more of the following:

  • Complement or enhance a vital Town service at a reduced cost.
  • Provide a more cost effective or operationally expedient service than the Town.
  • Fill in a critical gap that may exist between government services and community needs.

Requests for funding direct staffing costs and/or requests for services that duplicate services that are already available to the public through other means will be given the lowest funding priority.


  • The Nonprofit funding application acceptance period is December 1st to February 28th.
  • Complete the online application, and be prepared to attach the required documents listed below. 
  • The Finance Committee will review applications and make recommendations to the Town Council.
  • The agencies will be notified regarding funding by July 1st.
  • Annually, each funded agency will be required to report how the funds were spent by June 30th.

Required Attachments:

  1. List of Board of Directors: Include addresses, dates of appointment and length of term to be served.
  2. Articles of Incorporation and/or current Corporate Bylaws
  3. Copy of IRS tax-exempt status determination letter (A notarized copy of IRS Form 1023 will be accepted from organizations that have completed the form and submitted it to the IRS but that have not yet received a determination letter.)
  4. Copy of most recently filed IRS Form 990
  5. Copy of most recent independent audit or financial review as applicable (Organizations that are not required by law to have an independent audit must clearly state the reason for their exemption from the requirement.)
  6. Current Program Budget: a schedule of planned revenues and expenses (for the specific program to be funded) for the current year and the proposed year, specifically identifying all sources of revenue for both periods
  7. Standard Assurances - download here and have notarized

Questions should be directed to Amanda Grogan by email or phone (919) 249-1168.