Special Events Policy / Application

Special events are an important piece of quality of life for the residents of Apex. These events bring special excitement and vitality to the community. Special events produce endless benefits such as personal, social, economic growth, and development, as well as social and environmental awareness. 

Much time and planning go into creating special events. Approval of special events is determined once a completed application has been submitted, reviewed, evaluated, and is decided that the requested use of public space and allocation of public resources are appropriate. 

The Town of Apex Special Event Coordinator will be the event organizer's main point of contact with the Town. The Special Event Coordinator is responsible for processing applications, serving as the liaison between the Town and event organizers, conducting the Special Event Logistics Committee meetings, reviewing event requests for compliance to Town Ordinances, and more! 

For all questions, contact Special Event Coordinator, Lisa Raschke, at (919) 372-7465 or by email.

Apply a Special Event Application

View the Special Event Policy (October 2023)